The UK has warned that vacations could be canceled throughout 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down many vacation centers and resorts, and now it seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The UK government has said vacations for this year remain dicey. 

Vacations and staycations remain 'very unlikely' 

The British government has warned its citizens that booking any summer vacations may not be possible this year. On Wednesday, the government also said even staycations might not be allowed until 90% of the population is vaccinated. 

In a statement to reporters, the transport minister Mr. Grant Shapps said even home breaks are a gamble due to the rising increase in coronavirus cases in the UK. The statement comes after Britain health Minister Matt Hancock said that new arrivals into the country who give false information on visiting '' red list '' countries might be jailed for up to 8+9 years, fine £11,000, or face both penalties. 

'' Till the time lockdown restrictions are lifted, which isn't anytime soon, due to paucity of data on Vaccines, don't book for holidays,'' Minister Shapps warned. 

Everyone should stay at home and be safe- UK's Transport Minister 

He also said the government is unsure about what would happen in the summer, but everyone should stay home and 'do nothing.' British Prime Minister said it was too early to decide if they will grant summer vacations to citizens and that if it becomes possible, it will be too minimal for countries. 

'' I am aware that people want to make plans ahead, but people should be patient and hopeful' ' Boris said. 

The minister's warning is sad news to people in the resort and leisure business, and they had hoped that with the increase in vaccine administration, things would pick up in the industry. The minister concluded that though the country has vaccinated up to 14 million people, it would have to let other nations catch on.